Processing of personal data

Processing of personal data in KEELETEE website
Personal data will mean any data that will allow the identification of an individual. Processing of personal data will mean any proceedings, involving personal data. The information provided below described the principles for processing of personal data, implemented by the Ministry of Education and Research, and the person’s right to inspect his/her personal data.
NB! The information provided below does not include:
  • processing of data of legal entities and institutions and processing of data of a natural person, if the processing takes place in relation to his/her job-related duties;
  • processing of personal data on external websites, linked from the course site.
Statistical information and reviews are disclosed impersonally, without giving any names.
Unregistered visit of the website
Upon visiting the website, the data to be collected and stored about visitors will be limited to:
  • Internet address (IP address) of the used computer or computer network,
  • Web browser of the computer used and operational system’s software version,
  • Time of visit (time, date, year).

IP-addresses are not linked to the information that would allow the identification of individual. The collected information will be used to compile statistical information about the visits to use it for developing the website and making it more convenient for the visitors.

E-mails and conversations sent through the website are stored in data processors e-mail server for maximum 24 months and are available only for authorized data processors.

Registration gives user full access of the courses material and functionality. Some personal information will be used to provide this functionality.
  • Only minimal necessary data for your autentification are required;
  • E-mail address will be used for sending information about the course only upon users agreement. This agreement can always be changed.
  • Additional data are collected upon users agreement. This collected information will be used anonymously for statistical purposes.
Protection of user personal data safety is our priority. User's personal data are protected, encrypted and not availalble for any unathorised usage.
Registered visit of the website
Upon registered visit of the website, additional information about client's course usage may be collected and used to enable our web servers to recognize you and automatically adapt the content to fit your needs:
  • data about users progress in the course;
  • time of the last usage of the course
  • language of the website
The collected information will be used to compile statistical information about the visits to use it for developing the website and making it more convenient for the visitors.
The right to inspect and correct one’s data
Everyone will have the right to review personal information collected about him/her.
Your personal data is disclosed on website's user settings when user has logged in.
User can change and delete their personal data. User can delete their account.
Time limit of the data processing
User data storage and processing time is limited. Personal data will be deleted:
  • in case user deletes the account;
  • in case user has not used their account more than 24 months;
All personal data will be deleted permanently and non-personal usage information will remain anonymized.
Cookies are used to facilitate better user experience.
There are two types of cookies:
  • persistent cookie are used to recognize that user are a returning visitor to the site. These cookies remain permanently on the cookie file of user's computer. They are used only on user's request, which happens when user asks website to remember the login information.
  • session cookie enhance the functionality of the Website. Only sessionID is stored in cookie. No personal information is stored here. Session cookie is temporary and will disappear when user exits the website or closes the browser.
You can always choose whether you want to accept cookies in your web browser. If you do not want to accept cookies, you can set your browser to automatically disable them, or to inform you on each occasion when a website is requesting to add a cookie. Please refer to your web browser’s help function to make the necessary settings.
Data controller and data processor
  • Data controller is the owner of the course: Ministry of Education and Research.
  • Data processor of the website is a legal entity who processes data on behalf of a data controller: Hydraco OÜ.
  • Data processors of the course e-mails (as teachers of Estonian language): Leelo Kingisepp, Marju Ilves
You can contact data protection officer here